Image of the business starts with personal look

Posted on Jan 2, 2017 by Rose Phan in Image building

How important is the image of your business? It should start with how you as the owners dress and look. The business image is represented by who you are are and how much you respect yourself and your clients. First, it must look clean and fresh. Examples are set from the top management. When the owners of the business who dress elegantly with poise and confidence, the environment will reflect pride and peace so the clients would feel welcome and the employees would feel stable. 

The appearance does affect everything and everyone around. As family run business, even though the familiarity among members can be taken for granted, every business owner must carry himself or herself with care and pride in how they dress on a daily basis and at formal oaccasions appropriately.  How you look can make a big impact of how the image of business may be perceived. It is natural for how the internal condition reflects through the outside representation. It can be read as successful or struggling.

Positive energy is another sign through how the image of the people is delivered. Happy people usually pay more attention of how they look while struggling people tend to neglect how they carry themselves in appearance and attitude.

So, in order to create a positive and confident energy at work or with clients and between each other, every one can pay more attention of how their dress code should be or how they present themselves every day either casually or formally, but it should at least be with self-respect and respect of others, with elegance. It is not just for business purpose that we must dress professionally or nice, but it is also for our mate and the longevity of our relationship. 

Since family members see each other every day, sometimes 24/7, it is even more imprtant for each one to pay attention of how we look from head to toe, to keep our partner's visual attraction alive and lasting. How one looks reflects of how one's message to the other is: I care or I don't care.  Every result depends on every effort we make. So, keep on the self-respect and the respect of others by keeping up with your image and the image of the business in joy and in pride. 

When you feel like upgrading your style and your wardroble, you can consult with Rose Phan who is an expert in style with elegance that fits your own budget with ease. She can help you choose and shop either on line or in person, coordinate colors and create your own style with confidence and pride. It will be a journey of exploration and discovery of better image and more confidence to improve your image of self and the image of your business. It can be a fun and rewarding process working with Rose who has the artistic eyes that can make magic for you from head to toe.