Rose H Phan is Co-Founder and CEO of BellaVieWater.com with the mission to provide Organic Water Filters for Better Health and Environment. As a health conscious person, she is passionate in helping people improve their quality of life by drinking natural enhanced alkaline water through  simple but most powerful technology of Ionic Absorption Micron Filtration.  She is a public speaker and author of the new book "The FIRE OF HOPE, From VIctim to Victor" She came here from Vietnam in 1976 as a boat refugee. She earned her MBA from UCLA and had become Award winning Entrepreneur and self-made multi-millionaire at the age of 34 while being the President and owner of ASL, Inc.. She has been married for over 33 years with three wonderful sons in Califonia. Her mission is to expand this natural alkaline water solution to every person in the US and all the countries in the Pacific Rim and to all those who care to live a better quality of life. Her goal is to continue to support the educational leaders in the third world countries to give hope to the disabled, to the orphans and the helpless. 

Want to improve your health, go to www.BellaVieWater.com to learn more of why you want to care and to make a difference for yourself and your loved ones just by learning about the solutions for better water so, better health. Join her in the mission to help yourselves and those who are less fortunate.