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Message spoken on the same stage with General Russell Honore at West Point about Healthy Water Solution for better quality living and environment. 


Rose Phan is a successful entrepreneur, an international speaker and author of the new book "The Fire of Hope, From Victim to Victor". She spoke on the main stage at Harvard Faculty Club among international and US thought leaders of Business Expert Forum. She also spoke on the same stage with General Russel Honore and Legendary Astonaut of Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin at West Point. She came here from Vietnam in 1976 as a boat refugee. She earned her MBA from UCLA and had become Award winning Entrepreneur and self-made multi-millionaire while being the President and owner of ASL, Inc.. She is now CEO of BellaVieWater, an online Alkaline Filter Producer..

As an International Speaker, she is a unique motivaltional and transformational with her unique experiences from her true life story of success and challenges, from a penniless political refugee to a successful entrepreneur, a 33 year happily married wife, and a proud mother of three wonderful sons and always a Venus Stylist of all time.

Her topics include: *Risk for freedom, *How to thrive in life and never give up!; *How to prevent lawsuits in family owned business?; *How to use masculine and feminine powers in relationship?; *How to apply feminine power in business and at home?; *How to deal with in-laws conflict?, *How to harmonize Mind, Body and Spirit?; * How to Balance between Business and Personal Life?", *How to Let Go?; *How to find your Niche for Success?; *Prioritize and Focus for happiness! etc..

She is passionate to share her mantra: "No matter what, you can triumph over adversity". She helps them transform the Problem into Possibility and to fully live the American Dream thru her book :THE FIRE OF HOPE, FROM VICTIM TO VICTOR.


International motivational speaker

  Are you on the hunt for an inspiring and dynamic who will get your audience engaged, inspired and activated in powerful ways? I specialize in motivational and educational key-note speeches and workshops on the topics of entrepreneurship, inspiration, management, women's nobility/empowerment, Harmony of Mind, Body and Soul, Christian faith based and leadership. Most of all, how to gain the...



Book: Fire of Hope

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The Power of this book is that it gives hope that everyone can find meaning and power through their suffering. For the greatest suffering is to believe that one’s suffering has no meaning. Fire of Hope is a journey of nobility, destiny and legacy which is the journey of all people. It is a n book of genius and great inspiration. (Dr. Arnold Nerenberg, psychologist).

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Beauty, health & Image Tips


Use organic olive oil on a cotton pad to remove your make-up. Then wipe out the excess with another clean cotton pad or soft paper tissue before cleansing your face.

This will save you money and time from buying regular make-up remover while you can always refill your olive oil right from your home.


Remember to splash your face with iced or very cold water after cleansing to firm up your skin in the morning or at night before applying any other mositurizer on. Do not leave your skin dry without any immediate application of organic argan oil or prickly oil, even before adding regular moisturizer on.

Depending on how dry the weather is where you are or how dry your skin is, dapping organic argan oil or olive squalane can only help hydrate and moisturize your skin better. Keep your skin supple to avoid wrinkle to keep your skin young and fresh.

Home-care routine that makes a difference:

Once a week, pick a night where you allow yourself to relax and reward yourself by mud masking. After cleansing your face, spread on a layer of mud mask (borghese fango or your choice) while you can watch your favorite drama or movie for 15 minutes or until fully dried. Splash it off with water, then wipe any excess clean with your toner. Immediately, put on the olive squalane then your night anti-agin cream.

Purpose is to deep clean and firm up your pores. Then with the replensish with oil and night cream to balance off your skin.

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