Beauty Tips


Use organic olive oil on a cotton pad to remove your make-up. Then wipe out the excess with another clean cotton pad or soft paper tissue before cleansing your face.

This will save you money and time from buying regular make-up remover while you can always refill your olive oil right from your home.  


Remember to splash your face with iced or very cold water after cleansing to firm up your skin in the morning or at night before applying any other mositurizer on. Do not leave your skin dry without any immediate application of organic argan oil or prickly oil, even before adding regular moisturizer on. 

Depending on how dry the weather is where you are or how dry your skin is, dapping organic argan oil or olive squalane can only help hydrate and moisturize your skin better. Keep your skin supple to avoid wrinkle to keep your skin young and fresh.  

Home-care routine that makes a difference:

Once a week, pick a night where you allow yourself to relax and reward yourself by mud masking. After cleansing your face, spread on a layer of mud mask (borghese fango or your choice) while you can watch your favorite drama or movie for 15 minutes or until fully dried. Splash it off with water, then wipe any excess clean with your toner. Immediately, put on the olive squalane then your night anti-agin cream. 

Purpose is to deep clean and firm up your pores. Then with the replensish with oil and night cream to balance off your skin. 

 Secret tips for STRONG HAIR GROWTH:

 As how our body needs exercise to stay healthy and fit, so does our hair. Most people usually do not pay attention of what their hair really needs. They usually just wash it, condition it, blow dry and style it. They sometimes color it, dye it, perm it, or whatever that makes them look good. However, the very basic care that the hair needs the most is neglected.  That is hair massage which is crucial to stimulate the circulation of the root for strong hair growth.

So, here are the tips for you:

  1. Massage your scalp strongly with the tips of your fingers at least once before going to sleep and after waking up.
  2. After washing your hair, consciously massage your hair while drying your hair with your towel.
  3. Beware of what kind of water you are washing your hair with. If you don’t have soft water, then you can use conditioner after shampooing, but only on the outside of your hair. Why? The less chemical you expose your scalp with, the less hair you will lose. Then at least once a week, you can squeeze a lemon juice on your hair after conditioning, then rinse it off to make sure to clean any unknown excess residue and to make your hair shiny and really clean.
  4. If you have soft water, then you don’t need to apply any conditioner. The less chemical, the better it is for your hair.
  5. Once a week or twice a month, you can apply fresh aloe vera gel over your hair and scalp for a natural healing coverage overnight. You can rinse it off in the morning and shampoo your hair.
  6. Avoid chemical spray and gel or any unnatural application.
  7. Do not tie your hair tightly while it is still wet. It is just not healthy for the hair.
  8. Remember to follow the steps above, and you will see the difference in how strong your hair can be. Be happy and take care of yourself!

 Natural & Magic Cold Remedy:

I have created this formular which has proven to help my sons, my husband, my friends to expedite the healing process or even to bypass the severe cold or flu upon a first sign of sore throat. 

Take a 2" fresh organic ginger, slice it on the cutting board, add a clove of fresh garlic, Cover them with a paper plate and smash them. Put them in a pot and cover them with water to boil. Simmer it for at least 15 minutes until the liquid turns opaque or no longer clear. 

While waiting for the mixture to be ready, squeeze half or a whole lemon and add honey to your liking into a large glass of at least 16 oz or more. Pour the boiled liquid into that glass and mix it. Drink it once if you just start to have the sign such as sore throat, but drink up to 4 glasses of the mixture in a day if already hit by the cold or flu. It tastes like good lemonade which magically will heal you faster than taking cold medecine. It is natural and the combination works. It is up to you to want to try and release me from any liability. To your good health!