My Book: The Fire of Hope, from Victim to Victor

The Power of this book is that it gives hope that everyone can find meaning and power through their suffering. For the greatest suffering is to believe that one’s suffering has no meaning.The Fire of Hope, From Victim to Victor is a journey of nobility, destiny and legacy which is the journey of all people. It is a  book of genius and great inspiration. (Dr. Arnold Nerenberg, psychologist).

Ready to "Rise Up to Happiness" in your own life and leave smallness in the dust? Try my new book, Fire of Hope It’s packed with powerful advice and principles to implement to become the greatest victor of yourself against all odds in your journey of life.

According to Ruth Klein, The Fire of Hope, is an inspirational story of faith, compassion, family and love. Rose shares her story beautifully and vividly, so that we see the overarching wisdom of perserverance, "where there is a will, there is a way". Do yourself a favor and indulge in this book of life and love. 

 "Fire of Hope, from Victim to Victor" is written by nationally and Internationally recognized speaker and author Rose H Phan and it’s through her simple, but yet powerful life journey discovery that will help you recognize, access and ignite your inspiration and strength.

There is a profound difference between living from your inspiration and living from your fear, and this book HAS THE ANSWERS YOU SEEK to choose Inspiration and Hope. It is already in you, and this book allows you to recognize and obliterate that sabotaging, deflating, negative smallness that stops you from the greatest version of yourself, your greatest dreams and your greatest calling. You were born with inspiration, it’s not earned or deserved, and Rose can teach you the necessary tools to access it. Aren’t you ready to get rid of the stuff that keeps you from becoming the leader, the success, the parent, the spouse and the person you’ve always wanted to be?  These simple lessons have helped thousands of people to take their life and dreams back, whether you are battling smallness in one area of your life or it has officially ‘moved in’ throughout your entire life.  Through learning Rose’s principles and lessons – created from her own struggles and challenges of circumstances, you’ll be able to see and practice the tools that will help you step fully into your faith of happiness. Knowing how to access your greatness at any moment and any time is the KEY to achieving that big dream, the buried goals, and those powerful aspirations for your life, marriage, relationships, career and calling. The invitation is to start today.


Rose Phan Signs Book Deal With T. Allen Hanes Publishing Group


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