Speaking at Harvard Faculty Club

Posted on Dec 17, 2015 by Rose Phan in Speaking
What an honor to have been invited to speak at the Expert Business Forum on the main stage of Harvard Faculty Club on Dec. 5, 2015! I felt so grateful and rejoiced for having met thought leaders from Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas and from different states of America.
The topics of different speakers were amazing and mine was quite unique if not exceptional. The audience was amazed, touched and impressed with my speech. Some told me that they had tears in their eyes, some said that they could not imagine what I had to go through, and most of them asked when my book "The PHOENIX ROSE" is coming out. My speech had left them with a surprising secret to survival, to speaking, faith and hope. I could not believe that I had my picture taken with one of the most interesting men in the world, actor Jonathan Goldsmith.
The three top points in my speech include:
How my formula could be applied for Business, Education and Life was quite valuable. It was a dynamic speech with deep and valuable lessons that were derived from true life experiences with courage, will of survival, family ties, faith, hope and gratitude.
A Vietnamese Refugee who speaks multi languages, graduated with a Bachelor in Music, MBA in Business, became a winning award entrepreneur, a self-made millionaire, now an Author of the new book, and a Business coach specializing in Family Owned Businesses with the natural gift of art in dressing professionally, creatively and elegantly, not necessarily only in suits but in free style.
I am so grateful for this remarkable opportunity for my legacy.
I thank America for giving me a second chance at life and for the freedom. I thank God for the gifts of love and the people during my journey of life. I am continuously fueled with the passion to serve and to make a difference in people's lives with my experiences in business, family relationships and self-improvement to achieve the utmost balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.